UAE Car Service & Repair – Best Garages & Workshops – Open Bonnet is UAE’s First and Only Democratic Marketplace focused on the Auto Aftermarket Services. Ever said to yourself – “I want to Service My Car at the Best Garages in Dubai?” Now as a Car Owner, you can go through hundreds of Car Services listed directly by 70+ Verified Car Workshops across not just Dubai, but all Emirates in UAE and with the help of decision enabling information, you can Create Service or Repair Jobs with the Car Service Center of your Choice. The entire Experience of getting your Car Serviced from here on will be Digitized and this gives you a level of Transparency and Convenience never seen before in the Car Service Industry. Our Auto Expert team is just waiting to get your Call or perhaps a WhatsApp Message to Guide you over that Repair Job long pending in your Car. Open Bonnet Guarantees the Quality of Spares and Services you get and we give a 30 day Labor Warranty for all jobs. What’s more? You maintain a History of the Timely Way you maintained your Car and also Earn Loyalty Points for all the Transactions you do!


Why just use Open Bonnet for Car Service & Repair? Try the Exciting Tools & Calculators on the OB Mobile App that will make your car ownership more Delightful and Convenient. Also visit our powerful E-Shop section where Quick Car Services like Engine Oil Change, Minor Service, Major Service, Brakepad Replacement, Interior Detailing etc are listed with Upfront Prices and can be Purchased in just a Few Clicks!


Truly, Open Bonnet is the One-Stop-App for a Car Owner’s Needs!




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