Car Insurance: What does it cover and Why it’s an Essential Addition to your Vehicle’s “Toolkit”!

So, everyone knows that here in the UAE, car insurance is a compulsory purchase. Mandated under Federal law, all drivers must have a minimum of Third-Party Liability cover in place but in our experience at,  more often than not, vehicle owners elect to buy Comprehensive Motor insurance. And why not: after all, cars are an expensive purchase and even more valuable when you consider how they help us run our busy lives! Comprehensive car insurance covers a great deal, including that all-important own damage, but does it cover all the costs of keeping your vehicle on the road? Let’s get under the bonnet and explore in more detail!

Mechanical problems in the absence of any accidents

Most vehicles nowadays offer fault-free motoring for tens of thousands of miles with regular servicing but, inevitably, they reach a point where they either breakdown and/or parts need replacing due to wear and tear. Repair costs are associated with car ownership and not a specific insured risk (ie. linked to a sudden and unforeseen event). So, whether you have a Comprehensive or a Third-Party Motor insurance policy, you’ll not be covered in this situation. However, you might be able to get ‘limited assistance’ if you have a warranty in place which generally comes for a period of 3-5 years when you buy a new car, so check your paperwork! Open Bonnet connects you to best quotes from 70+ Expert Car Garages in such a situation!

Mechanical problems following an accident

If you have encountered some mechanical problems with your car after an accident, then your insurance (if you have Comprehensive cover); or the Third Party’s insurance (if they caused the accident); would pay for these problems to be repaired. After all, that’s the purpose of having insurance so that in the event of an accident, it will help return your car to the condition it was in before the accident.

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Mechanical problems following a breakdown

Most car insurance policies nowadays offer breakdown cover/roadside assistance: either as a standard benefit or an optional extension. Either way, if you have this in your policy, you’re usually eligible for getting the car fixed “on-site” or towed to the nearest garage and put back on the road, however, your insurance policy will only cover emergency recovery and/or minor repairs. The costs of parts and labour (the work undertaken by the repairer) will be your responsibility, or could be passed on to the dealership/warranty provider is still covered under a manufacturer’s/mechanical warranty (subject to their terms & conditions).


We hope this quick tour under the bonnet of a car insurance policy has helped answer some of your insurance questions. However, if you have any more, like what covers should include on your next policy; or to purchase the best insurance policy for your budget; the friendly team of insurance advisors at are there to help. Give them a try today!

Rachel Al Mughairi is Director – Culture & Performance at, one of the UAE’s leading and largest insurance providers, and specialists when it comes to car insurance!

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