Not quite sure when the next service is due and how often should you service your car? We are here to help. Service intervals can vary slightly for every make/model. A lot of new cars and modern cars don’t require servicing that often. Your annual mileage (KM you drive in an year) will also determine how often you should service your car.

A periodic service mainly involves Engine Oil & Filter Replacement in order to keep your car engine at its best performance. The periodicity of this service mainly depends on the Type of Oil that was used in your last service. Example: if 10,000 KM Engine Oil was used then the next service should be done after you have driven that much distance. Oil, like anything, degrades over time, so even without driving, your Engine Oil is degrading and that’s not good for your vehicle. Hence, the time gap since last service is also factored when considering the Oil Change due date.



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