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Running Cost & Fuel Cost Trackers

One of the largest expenses you have is your transportation. It’s how you get from home to work, school, the grocery store, or the movie theater, and it costs you money. Have you ever figured out how much exactly it costs to operate your vehicle?Calculating the cost of operating your vehicle is an excellent idea to assist in keeping track of your finances. There are factors in play that you may not consider, aside from your car payment, such as:

  • Fueling costs at the gas station
  • Insurance fees
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Parking fees
  • Registration costs

Your car loan or lease payment is not a true reflection of the cost of driving because it can vary greatly depending on your vehicle choice, your down payment amount, and variables like depreciation and condition, so it won’t be included in the calculation. With the Open Bonnet cost tracker you can record all the running costs of your car and can conveniently get detailed report of how much spends are you making daily, weekly, monthly and annually! This can help you keep a better check on where you are spending more or if your car needs some repair to fix a high recurring expense.

Parked Car Locator

Because it’s frustrating to not know where your car is, Open Bonnet lets you know it in a single tap!

So whether you are searching for your car in the Global Village parking lot or you are just not the remembering type, our GPS-powered Location Tracker shows you where your car was parked. Simply flag your car location through Open Bonnet – Car Locator at the time of parking it and use the ‘Locate Now’ option to track the location later and even get directions to reach there through Google Maps.

Parking Assistant

Most major emirates in UAE have implemented paid parking zones across all key city areas and all cars parked in these areas need to pay for the parking spot for the duration of parking through one of the various methods of parking mandated by the respective traffic departments. One of the key methods through which motorists pay for their parking is through SMS sent to the traffic department where the charge applies to their telephone line.

However how tough it is to remember the exact SMS formats & number to send them on?

With Open Bonnet all that hassle is taken care of!

Just choose your preference of parking through the Open Bonnet – Parking Assistant and let us directly create the SMS string ready to send for you. What’s more – you can set instructions which alert you to send the SMS at a particular time. So no more fines for missing out on your parking fee!



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