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  • • 10000 Km Full-Synthetic Oil
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  • • Air Filter Cleaning
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Every car engine has multiple parts that have to function at high speeds and extreme temperatures. Without proper lubrication and protection, they can get damaged easily. To keep getting the best out of your vehicle, you need a high-performance engine oil. As part of the regular maintenance schedule of your car, you need to ensure the engine oil is also changed frequently. This makes ensures your engine is always well-lubricated and protected, extending its life and improving its performance.

So, whenever you get your Oil Change job done with OPEN BONNET, you are assured to get a premium engine oil like TOTAL QUARTZ for your car, the new offering from our preferred lubricant partners, TOTAL Energies. 25+ TOTAL-OPEN BONNET quality service centers are present in DUBAI, ABU DHABI, AL AIN, SHARJAH, AJMAN, RAS AL KHAIMAH.

A good, high-performance engine oil has three huge advantages. It removes accumulated dirt and sludge from your engine, while lubricating it and giving enhanced protection. This reduces damage, wear and tear, abrasion and oil oxidation, even at very high temperatures. It improves fuel economy and increases engine life by preventing the buildup of dirt and sludge, reducing frequent damage or breakdowns. It reduces your maintenance costs as you won’t need repairs (or replacements) often. Further, your engine will perform at optimum levels for years and years, thus saving you even more money in the long run. With a high-quality synthetic engine oil like TOTAL QUARTZ, you get all these advantages as well as a host of the latest innovations, giving your car the protection and care it deserves.
For most cars, OPEN BONNET recommends an Engine Oil & Filter change at every 10,000 KM. This can be roughly 4 to 6 months of driving for an average car owner. If you are Its also a good idea to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that indicate how frequently you need to change your engine oil.
An engine flush is an aftermarket chemical additive designed to clean accumulated deposits, sludge and other gunk from your engine. Its poured into your engine’s oil-filler port and the engine is idled for about 10-15 minutes. It mixes with the oil and circulates through the engine, helping dissolve sludge and deposits. A good engine flush can help loosen deposits and dissolve sludge, returning your engine to like-new condition.
Typically, an oil change takes about 1-2 hours depending on your car and which service have you chosen. The process includes draining out the existing oil and changing the oil filter, then placing new oil into the engine. After this has been completed, our Toyota technicians inspect the engine briefly to make sure everything looks right. We’ll also check the fluid levels, including coolant, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid and top them off if necessary.
The TOTAL-OPEN BONNET Service Centers are located in almost all major auto hubs across Dubai. These are AL QUOZ, DIP, RAS AL KHOR, DEIRA, RASHIDIYA, AL QUSIAS. We also provide car pick up and drop to our service centers at very nominal prices – you can select this service from the product page.
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