What are the qualities of a good car engine oil?

A good, high-performance engine oil has three huge advantages

  1. It removes accumulated dirt and sludge from your engine, while lubricating it and giving enhanced protection. This reduces damage, wear and tear, abrasion and oil oxidation, even at very high temperatures.
  2. It improves fuel economy and increases engine life by preventing the buildup of dirt and sludge, reducing frequent damage or breakdowns.
  3. It reduces your maintenance costs as you won’t need repairs (or replacements) often. Further, your engine will perform at optimum levels for years and years, thus saving you even more money in the long run.

With a high-quality synthetic engine oil like TOTAL QUARTZ, you get all these advantages as well as a host of the latest innovations, giving your car the protection and care it deserves.

How often should I do a total oil change for my car?

The manufacturer’s instructions indicate how frequently you need to change your engine oil. You can also head to any car service center near you and ask the experts there to guide you.

Where can I find TOTAL QUARTZ workshops?

TOTAL QUARTZ, the preferred lubricant partner of OPEN BONNET is available at TOTAL Service Centers. Over 20 TOTAL QUARTZ Oil change workshops have listed their services along with the prices on OPEN BONNET App. Download the OPEN BONNET App from Apple or Android Store and make sure to visit them by finding them on Open Bonnet App.

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